Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST)


The Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient in supporting Cisco networking technologies. This course focuses on troubleshooting and resolving common network issues, enabling participants to effectively support Cisco networks and enhance their career prospects in the IT industry.


The Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) course is a comprehensive training program that equips participants with the skills and knowledge required to support Cisco networking technologies. By completing this course, participants will gain proficiency in troubleshooting network issues, configuring Cisco devices, and utilizing support resources effectively. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be well-prepared to take the CCST certification exam and advance their careers in the IT industry.


Participants should have the following prerequisites before enrolling in the Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) course:

·        Basic knowledge of computer networking concepts.

·        Familiarity with Cisco networking technologies, such as routers, switches, and IP addressing.

·        Experience with operating systems, such as Windows or Linux.

·        Basic understanding of TCP/IP protocols.


·        IT professionals who are responsible for supporting Cisco networks.

·        Network administrators and technicians who want to enhance their troubleshooting skills.

·        Individuals seeking to start a career in network support and gain industry-recognized certification.


·        Develop a strong understanding of Cisco networking technologies and concepts.

·        Equip participants with troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve network issues.

·        Familiarize participants with Cisco support tools and resources.

·        Prepare participants for the CCST certification exam.

Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST)