CIW Certificate Web Development Professional


The CIW Certificate Web Development Professional course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of web development principles, technologies, and best practices. This course covers a range of essential skills required to create dynamic and interactive websites. As the administrator of the B2B platform, you will facilitate the delivery of this course, ensuring that participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to earn the CIW Certificate in Web Development Professional.


The CIW Certificate Web Development Professional course is a comprehensive training program aimed at providing participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of web development. Throughout the course, participants will gain hands-on experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, server-side scripting, databases, web security, and essential web development tools. By the end of the course, participants will have the competence required to earn the CIW Certificate in Web Development Professional, opening up opportunities for career advancement in the web development industry.


To enroll in the CIW Certificate Web Development Professional course, participants should have:

·        Basic computer literacy and familiarity with using the internet.

·        Knowledge of HTML and CSS fundamentals.

·        Basic understanding of JavaScript concepts.

·        Familiarity with relational databases would be beneficial but not mandatory.


·        Web Developers: Individuals interested in expanding their web development skills and acquiring industry-recognized certification.

·        IT Professionals: Those seeking to enhance their knowledge in web development and broaden their career opportunities.

·        Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Individuals looking to create and manage their websites or oversee web development projects.

·        Students and Graduates: Those pursuing a career in web development or related fields.


·        Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of web development.

·        Gain proficiency in HTML5 and CSS3 for creating visually appealing and structured web pages.

·        Develop skills in client-side scripting using JavaScript to enhance website interactivity.

·        Explore server-side scripting and database connectivity to create dynamic web applications.

·        Acquire knowledge of web security principles and best practices to protect websites and user data.

·        Learn essential web development tools and frameworks to improve productivity and efficiency.

CIW Certificate Web Development Professional