Zoho ERP For Intermediates


The Zoho ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) course at the intermediate level is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Zoho's powerful ERP software and its applications in managing various business processes. This course builds upon the foundational knowledge gained in the beginner's level course and focuses on more advanced features and functionalities of Zoho ERP. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, participants will enhance their skills in utilizing Zoho ERP to streamline business operations and drive efficiency.


The Zoho ERP intermediate course is designed to equip participants with advanced skills and knowledge in utilizing Zoho ERP for efficient business process management. By delving into module configuration, inventory management, sales and order management, financial management, reporting, analytics, and integrations, participants will gain the expertise necessary to optimize Zoho ERP for their organizations. This course is suitable for professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects in ERP implementation and management.


To enroll in the Zoho ERP intermediate course, participants should have:

·        Completed the Zoho ERP beginner's course or possess equivalent knowledge.

·        Basic understanding of ERP concepts and terminology.

·        Familiarity with Zoho CRM and other Zoho applications is advantageous but not mandatory.


·        Business professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in Zoho ERP.

·        Managers responsible for implementing and managing Zoho ERP in their organizations.

·        IT professionals involved in the customization, integration, and administration of Zoho ERP.

·        Individuals interested in pursuing a career in ERP implementation and management.


·        Develop a deeper understanding of Zoho ERP and its modules.

·        Gain proficiency in advanced features and functionalities of Zoho ERP.

·        Learn to configure and customize Zoho ERP according to specific business requirements.

·        Acquire skills to optimize business processes and improve operational efficiency using Zoho ERP.

·        Enhance reporting and analytics capabilities using Zoho ERP.

·        Explore integrations with other Zoho applications and third-party tools.

Zoho ERP For Intermediate